Our Story

We're a bunch of happy and proud animal lovers. Our background is in the design and manufacture of leather shoes. One day we decided to combine a group of the highest skilled artisans and designers in the leather fashion industry and work on a true passion: our pets.

About Our Products

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Our products are handcrafted from a long tradition of leather artisans. From the selection of high quality materials to the attention of every detail in the manufacturing process, we have developed a line of pet products that meets the highest standards. 

 Our cat collars have elastic for easy escape

Our cat collars have elastic for easy escape

More than a bag

 Your collar will arrive in a little black bag to keep it clean and make it easy to store. Besides protecting your collar, this little bag supports ALDIM, an organization in Leon, Mexico that helps children with muscular dystrophia. 

If you would like to learn more about their project, you can visit them at www.aldim.com.mx